Where I Find Inspiration

As much as I love sharing snippets of my life and my beauty stash, I do suffer from lack of inspiration at times. Whether it be a photograph I just cannot nail, or simply trying to decide on an outfit for a special occasion, inspiration comes and goes from time to time, but luckily I know exactly where to go if I lose it – so let me break it down for you.


  • When I have a product to shoot for my blog or my social media platforms that I just cannot make work – for me it’s often shampoo and conditioner bottles, the curves edges can be tricky – I simply go to the brands Instagram’s page and see what photos the brand has been tagged in. From there, I can see how others have photographed the product and begin to brainstorm how I can take these ideas and make it mine. Oh, and sometimes bluetack can be your BFF when creating flatlays!
  • Additionally, magazines are great to flip through and look at new ways to photograph or display something, and it’s great excuse for a little #selfcare moment too.
  • When it’s time to revamp my blog’s aesthetic with a new logo or template, I’ll scroll through Etsy and Creative Market to see what’s popular right now and either create something in Canva myself or hire someone through these platforms to create something custom. The majority of graphic designers on Etsy or Creative Market are very affordable, and offer great packages if you require multiple digital assets.
  • When I have no idea what to write about here on the blog, that’s the time I walk inside my beauty room and trawl through my stash. Is there a product that’s just launched, or a favourite I’ve never had the chance to write about, or even a product I do not like whatsoever? I then take these ideas and begin to draft up blog posts, and from there you’ll realise there are many angles to take and you’ll probably even brainstorm more ideas once you begin!
  • Also consider what you are currently really enjoying in your life right now, and use this as a basis for upcoming content. For example I’m right into jade rolling after recently discovering the Lux Aestiva Jade Face Roller, and plan to do a follow up review from the original introduction written in this post.


  • For the above, I simply look to the ever-growing beauty community on Instagram. Once you find someone you enjoy following and find value in their reviews, you will be sure to find many more like-minded individuals from their followers list. For newbies to skincare and makeup, the instagram account @topshelfbeaute is a great place to start, with endless accounts to explore here.


  • When I feel flat or completely unmotivated with my current wardrobe, I love scrolling through photos where luxury jewellery brands Mejuri or Missoma are tagged within. Often I’ll find by simply adding a simple piece of jewellery that I hadn’t even considered will tie an entire look together, and I’ll always find inspiration for an evening out or special event by trawling through these photos and daydreaming.


  • Emma Hoareau is one blogger/influencer who consistently gets it right every single time, and she is someone I consider as having the perfect Instagram feed. Complete #lifegoals.
  • Kate La Vie is another gal who I look to for complete life inspiration, from styling my hair to bedroom inspiration. She’s ah-mazing.
  • Podcasts are a great way find inspiration if you’re a little bit stuck on how to move forward with your brand, blog or business, and/or are a one-woman show trying to do it all. I especially enjoy The Lifestyle Edit Podcast, Second Life, The One Girl Band Podcast, Girlboss Radio with Sophia Amoruso and The High Low, so have a listen and see what you think.

That’s just a start, but if you’d like me to expand on this in different areas – please just sing out.

Much love,


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