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Say Bye-Bye to Wrinkles with Wrinkles Schminkles


Wrinkles Schminkles is a product that promises to dramatically reduce the appearance of wrinkles, simple by wearing a silicone pad on either the bust area or areas on the face. For someone with years of not wearing her glasses as a child and now paying for it, I had to know more.

I have been trialling the silicone pads for around a week now, around my crow’s feet and I swear to you, this skin has never been so freaking soft! It’s amazing really, how the pads actually stick to the skin and produce this effect. I was sceptical to begin with as I couldn’t get the pads to adhere but once I had trimmed the silicone with scissors to my skin shape, I was hooked! I wear mine for an hour a night each night and I have even feel asleep in them once, the instructions state the longer you wear them the better so score right?!

I invited the creator of Wrinkles Schminkles to share with us how and why she created this dream product for so many woman out there, just see below!

mouth_v4Gabrielle, what is Wrinkles Schminkles? 

Wrinkles Schminkles is a range of 100% Medical Grade reusable silicone pads designed specifically to treat décolletage wrinkles, forehead and eye, mouth and neck wrinkles.

We manufacture them ourselves using a proprietary technology and with Chemists’ who have experience making medical devices. So while the brand is a light hearted beauty treatment brand, the science that sits behind the product is compelling and so are the results.

We are also a brand that believes in ageing gracefully and not making ourselves feel bad about the little line here or wrinkles there and instead using simple products like Wrinkles Schminkles Silicone Pads to easily and affordably treat wrinkles so you feel confident about yourself and have a great day, every day!

How does placing a silicone pad on the skin actually produce these results I am seeing?

You might know silicone has been used to treat scarring in the medical profession for sometime as its scientifically proven to create hydration, moisture and stimulate collagen. We are using the same science to target those pesky, difficult to treat chest wrinkles and other wrinkles!

The ‘beauty’ of our products is there are very few beauty treatment products that you get a result the very first night you use them. With our Silicone Pads, the first morning you will see a result as the skin has been kept tight and unable to crease. Then as you continue to use the Silicone Pads over time, you are enabling the proven healing properties of the medical grade silicone to actually treat and correct the skin through the creation of hydration, moisture and collagen stimulation.

How can we buy Wrinkles Schminkles Gabrielle? Do salons/ spas stock your product?

You can buy the whole range directly online at or at selected salons, clinics and edispas. We can be contacted for your nearest stockiest.

What has been your greatest achievement to date?

chest_reshapedCreating the brand and launching the range has been a HUGE achievement. You cannot begin to imagine the amount of prototyping and consumer testing that we have undergone to create the perfect Silicone Pad!

Every time I get an email from a customer explaining how the range has given them confidence to wear certain clothes again or feel confident makes it all worthwhile.

Any future plans for Wrinkles Schminkles?

Yes! We have some new products coming out later this year to treat different parts of the body such as the hands! We are also working hard to make the products available in more salons and clinics so we are constantly looking for new stockists…do let us know if you’d like to see us stocked in your favourite salon! If you are an interested stockist, please email to chat further.

Connect with Gabrielle on facebook | instagram | website or by the email above.

Thanks for taking a few minutes out with Why Hello Beauty Gabrielle – I can’t wait to hear more about your new hand product so if you need a hand model, you know where to find me!

Would you try Wrinkles Schminkles? Have you tried already and want to share your thoughts? Please do so below!



  • S. Williams

    where is wrinkles schminkles manufactured?

    8 April 2017 at 9:10 PM Reply
    • Emily

      I’m unable to find this information on their website sorry! Maybe flick them an email and ask? 🙂

      10 April 2017 at 12:25 AM Reply

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