A Day in the Life of Rachel Roberts, Owner of Hobart’s Beauty of Arcadia

Rachel Roberts is the owner of Arcadia Beauty, in Hobart Tasmania AU. Beauty of Arcadia provides natural, ethical and eco-friendly treatments for health and beauty conscious women of Hobart who want pure rejuvenation and relaxation in today’s fast paced world.

Rachel has consciously selected product ranges for your beauty treatments that are friendly on the environment, your skin and, of course are natural + cruelty free.


Rachel says: My day can start anywhere from 5:30am – 8am, depending on when Estela, my 18 month old daughter wakes up. I rarely ever set an alarm. If I’m awake before my partner’s alarm goes off at 6am, I’ll do a workout before he leaves and get back into bed until Estela wakes. I never go back to sleep, so I’ll be scrolling through social media!

unnamed-48am-9am:  Estela has breakfast and plays with toys, while I’m packing her lunch box for day care and getting myself ready for work. Since becoming a mum I’ve gotten my morning routine down from an hour to less than 15mins! My daily hair routine is fuss free and full of dry shampoo + always up – if you see me with my hair down, I’ve put in  some effort! Makeup is always simple for work-using The Makeup Factory. The Makeup Factory is a vegan, cruelty free, natural Perth based makeup line that I stock at Beauty of Arcadia. I pop on some primer, foundation, brow powder and pomade, a little liner smudged into the outer corners of top and bottom lash lines and mascara – done!

9:15am: I’ll drop Estela at care or my mum will have her for the day.

9:40am: I’ll arrive at work, set up for my day of clients and have a chat and always a laugh with the ladies upstairs at Apache Hair before my first client arrives.

10am-1pm: I’ll book clients back to back doing treatments such as brow henna (a natural alternative to brow tinting) through to manicures using vegan friendly five-free polish Gloss and Co.

1-2pm: I usually only give myself a short lunch break but occasionally I’ll plan to meet a friend for lunch in North Hobart!

unnamed-51-5pm: Some days I’ll head back to work after lunch and be booked through until the evening. Some days I’ll go home to work on my business rather than in it. As I’m only a new business (6months) I’m still building my clientele so scheduling time for marketing is important for my business to grow.

5pm: I pick Estela up from care and the evenings are always spent as a family (unless I’m working late) bathing Estela and reading her books. Once she’s in bed I’ll catch up on social media or read a few pages of a book, or just sit on the couch with my partner to catch up on our day!

My ultimate goal is to have my own premises, where I can offer a wider range of treatments. Next month I’ll be adding Body Sugaring (a natural, virtually pain free alternative to waxing) which I’m super excited about as it’s not really a thing here in Hobart yet! My vision is to have a natural beauty destination that is Eco-friendly, vegan friendly and using only the best natural products for my clients, see more on this link“.

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