Create Your Own Custom Made Lipsticks with The Lip Lab

The Lip Lab is a cult beauty experience in Australia, and with good reason. A beautiful stylish space where you can create custom lipsticks and lipglosses, personally chosen by you and created by colour consultants while you watch. Oh, and from the 27th March 2017, you’ll also be able to blend your own foundation at The Lip Lap, combining pure pigments and toners with skin enhancing ingredients, they can offer you a range of liquid foundations including matte, oil free and enriched! *squeal*

How does The Lip Lab work? Simply make an appointment with one of the professional lip lab colour consultants. During a consultation with one of the professional colour consultants, they will discuss what colours you normally wear, what you would like to experiment with, textures you prefer, whether you like a creme finish or a matte finish etc. If you’re a located in Sydney, check out the flagship The Lip Lab store, located at 308 Oxford St Paddington, Sydney for their huge range of micas and pigments available for your viewing pleasure.

Once you have chosen your colours, flavours and finish, your consultant will make it for you on the spot. This process involves heating, mixing and then cooling in our state of the art lipstick moulds. More than one lipstick can be created in a single session, and you can choose from creating a lipstick or lip gloss.

In under 15 minutes your new custom blended lipstick will be ready for you to apply. The Lip Lab will also provide you with a consultation card specifying the blend if you wish to re-order.

Lipglosses can be supplied in either a wand or pot, and a number of flavours are available which you can add; including strawberry, blueberry and citrus. There are lots of things you can add such as; a lip plumper to make the lips appear fuller whilst you wear lipstick, an anti ager to help prevent lipstick from feathering or creeping into fine lines, or an SPF, to just name a few.

For special touch to your brand new lipstick,  check out the limited edition Swarovski lipstick cases. These can be purchased in store for $85 (standard Swarovski case), $150 (crystal fabric Swarovski case) or $350 (crystal rock Swarovski case). These prices are inclusive of your own custom made lipstick, and hit the link here to find your closest Lip Lab.

Perfect for your next girls event, maybe your besties hens day or your birthday, it’s the ultimate girly pamper day with up to 6 people can be serviced at a one time, although advanced bookings are required.

Have you visited The Lip Lab, what was your experience like? Share with us in the comments below or tag me on Instagram at @whyhellobeauty!



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