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A Day in the Life of Sabrina Jacquier-Parr, Founder of Keeko Oil

Sabrina Jacquier-Parr is the founder of keeko, the 100% natural, vegan and organic oil pulling products that is made in Australia. Developed to satisfy the market need for an alternative method to the popular treatment of oil pulling, keeko’s easy-to-use sachets are effective, fun & quicker to do than any other oil pulling practice out there, and come in 3 tastebud tantalising flavours that taste damn delicious.

Used like a mouthwash, the clinically formulated tropical blends are infused with organic and cold pressed Coconut Oil, Chamomile Essential Oil, Lemon Essential Oil and Myrrh Essential Oil to amp up the health benefits of this ancient Ayuverdic routine. Just 5 minutes on the daily & you will be on your way to naturally whiter teeth, clearer skin, increased energy levels & a detoxed mouth + body. Swish, swirl, spit. Easy!



I try to stick to a routine in the morning. I like the feeling of freedom in the afternoon if I get all my life admin done early in the day.

7.30am: Wake up and do morning pages in bed. It’s a form of journaling that helps you get into your subconscious before your ego ‘wakes up’. It’s a great stress reliever and thought processer. Keeko was born in my morning pages! I’ll alternate each morning between morning pages and meditation.

8.30am: Kick start my metabolism with warm water, fresh lemon juice, honey, apple cider vinegar and cayenne pepper and supplements. For me, I find I function best with an omega and an iron supplement.

8.35am: I am a big believer in multi tasking! So as I take my morning shower I’ll do my Keeko oil pulling. I’ll also do a gentle micro facial exfoliation, at the moment I’m loving BareBabe Scrub, it’s got an AHA and smells like chocolate.  After I have cleansed my body I’ll put coconut oil on my skin whilst in in the shower, it works as an in-shower moistursier!

Once I’m finished my shower I brush my teeth with Keeko Activated charcoal teeth whitening toothpaste which is coming soon! I wear minimal makeup, so I’ll spray Josh Rosebrook Mist on my skin before using his tinted moisturizer with SPF (it’s seriously amazing), some Tata Harper cheek tint, mascara and a swipe of Frank Body Lip Balm and I’m good to go.

9am: I always have a protein smoothie in the morning. At the moment I’m loving the Healthy Lab Chocolate protein power with banana, Bruce Almond Milk, and a smoothie bomb (they are amazing). So delicious.

I then process all the Keeko orders from the past 24 hours and start checking emails. This is usually responding to customer enquires, sales enquiries, and discussions with my marketing and public relations manager. This is also when I get my creative juices flowing. I’ll either be designing our latest product launch and liaising with designers, testing new formulas and chatting with brand partners and stockists to ensure everything is seamless. I have to be in serious Boss Lady mode most of the time, but I leave plenty of time to play too! The best part about running my own business is the flexibility to provides me with.



Afternoons I allow to be more fluid and it’s usually when I’m running around and more active. I always try and schedule meetings in the afternoon.

I also try and make it to a class at least 3-4 times a week. I alternate between Yoga, HIIT, Pilates, and Dance Class. Whatever I’m vibing with on the day, it makes it feel less like a chore!

I always keep snacks in the car like Health Lab Protein Balls which I’m currently obsessed with if I have not time to grab a healthy lunch (usually a protein type salad)

At 6pm I try and close my computer and spend some quality time with my husband. It’s important to learn when to shut off for the day!



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  • Nicole

    Great post, love how we post around the same topic around the same time haha great minds think alike!

    Nicole xx |

    5 October 2016 at 5:23 AM Reply
    • Emily

      Total twinsies! 🙂

      I love your instagram too girl, so fresh and clean! xx

      6 October 2016 at 4:37 AM Reply

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