A Day in the Life of Professional Makeup Artist Tammi Hendricks

Girls, if you dream of working within the makeup industry – and getting paid for it! – you can come join me in living vicariously through gorgeous Tammi, who you e-met just the other day in this blog post. Your daydreaming begins now…


7am: I am up somewhere around 7am each morning to get the most out of my day. No matter what my day looks like, I make sure I do a yoga practice every day – even if it’s just 10 minutes, it makes all the difference. I’ve practiced yoga for about 15 years now and it’s transformed my health. It keeps me calm, focussed and it’s my time to clear my head and let go of anything that is not serving me. I sometimes mix it up with a brisk walk or plyometric exercises to build some heat or choose a more dynamic yoga practice for strength and endurance. My work requires a lot of movement through the neck and shoulders and these tend to get very tight and painful, so daily yoga gives me the strength I need to do my job.

8am: I manage an autoimmune disease so my nutrition is key to my health but I’m also not great with eating breakfast, so I usually make a quick smoothie packed with “skin-food” ingredients. To clean my skin from the inside-out I always include a good quality turmeric supplement from Bioceuticals, some Zen Green Tea matcha powder, fresh organic ginger and cinnamon with frozen banana, coconut oil, coconut flakes, greek yoghurt and lactose-free full cream milk. It’s in an immune-boosting blend with a low sugar content and the turmeric has amazing blood cleansing and anti inflammatory properties that helps to heal and calm my immune system. The matcha gives me an incredible antioxidant boost that helps me on days when my veggie intake is low. Whilst I’m drinking my smoothie, I listen to business podcasts (Profit Boss is my current favourite), positive affirmations by Louise Hay or TED talks that inspire me to be productive and focussed.

9am: I have a quick scan of my emails and social media, before getting ready for the day ahead. My makeup takes me no more than 10 minutes to apply as I have a pretty standard go-to look for most days. My first social media post is usually around 9am and I publish across all my channels; Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, Snapchat and LinkedIn. I find that being consistent across my platforms gets the best results. I mostly work in my home studio unless I have a shoot or am doing beauty consulting or workshops. First up is always a flat white from FX Café to get my mind going and help me prioritise my day. If I’m on set, I’m usually travelling to a job in the morning (sometimes from as early as 4am) and by 9am I have set up my kit and starting makeup and hair prep on-set.

11am: I’m a big believer that you can control your mornings but after that it’s anyone’s game. So, 8-11am are my “power hours”. It’s when I tick off my big tasks that will take me the most time and effort – especially my marketing content and video blogs. These take me time to plan and produce so I need to do them early in the morning whilst I am feeling fresh. At home, I am a big list writer but I find them hard to tick off with constant interruptions of email and phone. Instead, I just aim to achieve 2-3 major tasks a day. If I’m on a job this is the go-time for makeup and hair, getting models, clients ready. Once they are ready for set, I stay on to do touch ups and assist with the shoot.

GM_49271pm: I’m also a shocker at lunch – I get caught up in my work and forget to eat! Especially when I am in between jobs as these always run past lunchtime and I find myself grabbing something random on my way home. I’m trying to keep at least a low-sugar protein bar and small coconut water with me in my kit so that I never get caught hungry. If I’m working from home I’ll make an effort to break and grab something healthy like sushi or soup.  This is usually the time where I attend to any important emails, make any phone calls and plan projects or collaborations with other businesses.

3pm: If I’m working on set, usually this is when I’m travelling home or to my next appointment. I always try to find a café or somewhere I can check my emails or return any missed calls. I also like to schedule my meetings in the afternoon as it gives me something to look forward to and forces me to be productive in the morning. One of the best things about running a makeup business is creating beautiful content with great artists, designers and fellow entrepreneurs. I am working on a few very exciting projects with some amazing new businesses that will change the way we approach beauty and skincare and this is keeping me really busy.

6pm – 8pm: I am home and scheduling my second social media post, responding to comments and engaging with my audience. I’m also preparing dinner, tidying up and doing any housework I don’t get time for (especially as I work most weekends).

After dinner I try to switch off from business and enjoy time with my husband, watching a movie and enjoying a glass of wine. This is also when I wash my brushes, repack my kit and prepare for the next day. Every now and again I will run myself an aromatic bath to allow me to detach from the day’s events or do a bedtime yoga but mostly I just ensure I have switched off my phone. My final social media post usually goes up at 8:30 and I leave it until the morning to view the results.

9.00pm: It’s become really important for me to allow myself an hour to wind down practice gratitude exercises before I go to sleep. I have found that focussing on the positives has allows me to manage the ups and downs of running a freelance business and I am truly thankful that I get to work with people to help them feel good in their skin. My call times can be as early as 5am (I have been known to set my alarm for 3am!) and I am always thinking of my next project or initiative, so sprinkling calming essential oils under my pillow ensures a calm, restful sleep, ready to start afresh the next day!

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