Get Your Best Blow-Out Yet

I always used to buy cheap hairdryers. They all blew out the same hot air, right? Wrong!

Since I was a frizzy haired teen, hair dryers have come a long way and the hi-tech ones now include special conditioning technology that reduces static & damage and actually trap the moisture inside your hair – rather than expelling it with every blow of heat!

VS Sassoon have recently launched their Diamond Brilliance Ionic Ceramic AC Dryer, which I have been lucky enough to experience at home and give you my thoughts here on Why Hello Beauty.

VS Diamond Brilliance

Here’s the deets you need to know;

  • This dryer has a powerful 2100W motor within, with 6 control settings to deliver flawless results, with any hair type. If you like a sleek straight blow out, use with the attached concentrator or for full and bouncy curls/ waves, simply pop on the diffuser and you’re set.
  • VS Sassoon have also included the much-needed ‘true cold shot’ that immediately switches the air to cold to really seal the style you have just your time creating.
  • This dryer has a longer than usual cord that allows you to move around much more freely when styling and has a cute little hook to hang within your beauty room / bathroom whilst not in use.
VS Diamond Brilliance2

I use this hair dryer almost daily (I know, I know – worst thing I could do) and really notice a difference between this dryer and dryers of old. The technology inside this baby really leaves your hair feeling silky and touchable, and when mixed with a styling brush gives you such a salon-worthy look! So far, I’ve had the obligatory sleek blowdry, a cute and playful top bun with the remainder of my hair messed up and on a rather lazy day, I used the diffuser for frizz-free relaxed waves.

VS Sassoon Diamond Brilliance Ionic Ceramic AC Dryer retails for $69.95AUD and can be purchased in stores around Australia/ worldwide and of course, online.

For a little something extra, here are my tips for your best salon-style blow out ever!

  • Start with freshly washed wet hair with a touch of oil (i.e. Moroccan Oil) for health
  • Work some stylish mousse or similar product into the roots of your hair and mid-lengths
  • Grab a large professional round styling natural boar bristle hair brush and dry approx. 1 inch sections until completely dry, ensuring that you have curled each section in the direction that you wish for it to sit (i.e. to curl around your face, blow dry the hair towards this direction)
  • Blast the hair from above whilst using the brush to smooth any frizzy spots on the top layers, rather than below to seal the hair cuticle down and not roughen up the style you are creating
  • Once the style has been created, give your head a quick shot of cool air (again, from above) and spritz over with your desired hairspray
  • Add mascara and lippie and oh wow, you’re suddenly Kate Middleton! *Princess tiara optional

Oh! And before I forget, if you’re located within NSW & VIC, be sure to catch VS Sassoon’s live instore demonstrations next month, showcasing their revolutionary new product Curl Secret. Best part is, if you purchase a Curl Secret on the day, you’ll also score a $40 rotating brush as well – winner winner chicken dinner! Catch all the deets here at CS LiveDemo!


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