My Visual Diary of Growing Out My Hair

Growing Out My Hair

Have you ever found yourself loving yourself with short hair but one day decided “shit, okay so my hair is now too short”? I got to that point early last year.

After a breakup a few years back, I decided to do what I had always wanted to do and chop off all of my long brunette hair into a pixie cut. I also indulged in wayyyyy too much bleach over the next few months purely because well, I finally could, as my naturally-dark locks were now short enough to play around with bleach.

I got to a point where I noticed quite obvious hair-breakage around my hairline and temple area and decided the rank regrowth I had within two weeks of a hair appointment was enough. It was time to restore and grow out my hair. And so it began.

The first step to healthy longer hair was cutting out the bleach cold turkey and return to a blended brunette base whilst keeping my lighter ends. This then allowed me to play around with colours whilst growing out my hair, I remember having lilac, dusty pink and silver shades at some points last year! This was a nice distraction from the awkward shapes my hair was making….. :/ Keeping my as moisturised and hydrated as possible was also key, using specific conditioner, oils and treatments as often as necessary.

Head scarfs, beanies in the cooler months and plenty of bobby pins helped me through the tough times but I did have another secret weapon. I just had gotten to a point where I was so over this growing out phase that I decided to have some Gorgeous Tape Hair Extensions placed in my hair for about six weeks, which helped in two ways. a) It allowed me to play with braids, buns, ponytails and touselled waves for the first time in YEARS whilst b) allowing my hair to grow a few extra inches. When I finally took them out, I found my hair had grown that much that I was almost able to have a real ponytail, with just a few loose hairs falling out which I can live with.

Now that I have almost gotten to a point where I am happy with my hairs length, I’ve decided to completely return to the dark (brunette) side but I still like to keep my ends a touch lighter for an on-trend look. My goal is to now completely grow out ALL of my existing layers to a solid bob/lob for a choppy cool look.

*One product I cannot rave more highly about and one that I have always paid full price for is Kerastase Initialiste Advanced Scalp & Hair Serum Concentrate. Just a few pippets daily applied to the roots will greatly reduce hair growth and thickness within 8 weeks. I used this for a few months last year whilst growing and I completely believe it works. It’s expensive yes but in my opinion, worth it. For further information on this gem, see this link.

Are you too growing out your hair? Have you found a product that promotes hair growth?

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