Growing Your Hair Out? You’ll Need This

While I am normally championing the cause for a bob or lob – the shorter, the more fun – but earlier this year, I decided to grow out my hair and enjoy longer locks that I can more with. I am so excited to be able to wear a top knot without strands falling out everywhere!

Speaking of which, I also spent my period in isolation slowly training my hair from being washed-every-single-day to every second day, which feels like a massive achievement after 15+ years. I’ve since become interested in learning about how I can support my hair for increased growth and health, and when I noticed Apotecari Bioactive Hair Care on my Instagram feed, I knew this would a brand to know about.

Apotecari™ hair nutrition is Australia’s only complete 3-part hair care system for health and growth from within. Apotecari’s Hair Food is suitable nutrition for all ages and health conditions, and within 3 months,  they advise you should notice a change in the condition, volume and overall health of your hair and scalp.

I spoke to Simone Abaron, founder of Apotecari Bioactive Hair Care to fully understand how a hair supplement can impact the health and strength of your hair. I asked: Why do we need to be taking hair supplements? Simone explains: “While supplements should never replace a balanced diet, we live in a fast-paced world where our diets may not provide adequate amounts of key nutrients. With pace, stresses and exposure to daily pollution, our bodies have to work harder to remove potential threats. This can use up the valuable nutrients we store, and the ones we need to have every day as part of a balanced diet. It’s well documented that modern-day living can use up key nutrients that we need for health and wellness, which is why the Australian Government has set guidelines for the recommended daily intake of vitamins, minerals, and other essential nutrients. In a 2017 survey undertaken by the Australian government, many Australians are not meeting their daily intake for some of the key vitamins required to be healthy. Supplements are an excellent way of boosting your nutritional intake of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients.”

Just like the skin, hair strands are the first place any stress within the body will show on the outside. 

I then asked Simone, when would you take your supplements? “We’d recommend taking your Mane Event and Crowning Glory with your breakfast or lunch. Some people find that the B vitamins in these supplements can give them energy, so if you tend to be on the more sensitive side, it may be best not to take them before bed. Hair Food can be taken at any time of the day. If you’re powering your Apotecari supplementation and taking more than one product, for practicality’s sake, we’d recommend taking everything together, so you don’t miss a dose.” It’s worth sharing that Apotecari hair and scalp supplements are certified vegan, with the exception of Crowning Glory, which, given the nature of its plant-based omega oil contents, requires a soft-gel capsule casing.

Of course, I couldn’t resist asking Simone for advice on promote hair growth and health? She replied: “Avoid high heat tools if you can, or if you need a little heat in your life, adjust the heat setting on your flat iron and curling tong – it should be on the very lowest temperature setting. Styling may take a little longer, but not as long as it will take to counteract the damage caused by high heat in the long-run. Wearing your hair in a very tight braid, bun, pony tail too often is also a big no-no, it can result in hair breakage which will seriously delay those hair goals. A good scalp massage each week might seem a little decadent, but is helpful at distributing your natural oils and stimulating blood circulation for increased health and consequent growth.”

Here’s to healthier and longer hair, and the fact that 2020 is almost over!


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