The Hair Brush You’ll Wonder How You Ever Lived Without

As you’ve seen all over the runways, super elegant smooth and sleek hair is so on trend right now, with this look spotted at Marc Jacobs, Gucci and Alexander McQueen, just to name a few. To achieve your own glamorous waves, like the gorgeous Karlie Kloss below, you need to know about a little hair gem known as the Dessata Detanging Brush.

I’ve personally been using this little guy for a few months now, and actually just last year chucked out my old hair brush to replace it with Dessata full time! It’s perfect for detangling wet hair after washing, as it doesn’t tug or pull at the hair at all and actually promotes shine and softness – all at once. I use this each and every day and cannot imagine my life without it, and if you have children with long hair – this would be a game changer. Find out why below!

How is the Dessata product different from other detanglers and brushes on the market? Unlike other major competitors, the Dessata brush contains 347 triple length bristles which are uniquely designed to penetrate tangles deeply and comb the hair without causing trauma to the hair shaft. The MAXI brush in particular also sports 12% greater spacing between the bristles which makes it perfect for thick, long and curly hair types. The design itself is also ergonomic which means it moulds to the user’s hand for a customised and enjoyable hair brushing experience.

I’ve read the bristles are coated in a gel to promote softness and shine, can you explain this a little more? The bristles are made from a unique gel compound which makes it incredibly resilient, yet incredibly gentle to hair. The Dessata MAXI bristles are stronger than the original to accommodate thicker hair types, and massage the scalp simultaneously for increased blood flow to the scalp. The gel compound is also antistatic which reduces flyaways and promotes a natural, glossy shine.

Is there a different between the smaller and maxi size brushes? Dessata is proud to boast an impressive range of brushes for all hair types. From the original, to the mini, to the MAXI, Dessata has detangling tool to suit all ages and lifestyles  We even have a range of unique products specific to Dessata, including the coconut scented summer brush and the men’s beard grooming tool, the barber brush.

Are there any hair types that should avoid this? The Dessata MAXI, although best suited to thicker and curlier hair types, can be used by everyone. The increased strength in the bristles make the MAXI a perfect alternative to traditional brushes, as well as a relaxing tool for a gentle head massage. Depending on the age and lifestyle of the user, a smaller Dessata brush, such as the Original or the Mini, may be better suited for those with smaller hands, like children, or those looking for something compact to throw in their daily handbag or gym bag.

Have I convinced you this a product you need in your life, pronto?


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