Isabel Lucas for Sante by Enjo

Although Isabel Lucas hasn’t been on our television screens since 2006, when her stint as Tasha Andrews on Home and Away concluded, she has never been too far from the limelight with her natural fresh beauty and gorgeous fashion picks. Adding to her long list of achievements, Isabel can include being the the face of new product range Santé by Enjo, which introduces skincare products to the already successful home cleaning empire (just ask your mum or grandmother!), thanks to the benefits of a uniquely handcrafted microfibre.

The Santé fibre range is made up of ultra-fine monofilament fibres, designed to form a unique weave that has an exclusive medical-grade patent. The specially woven texture, originally designed for the gentle debridement of skin abrasions, cannot be replicated, which means ‘no other skin care product will leave your skin feeling as sublime as Santé.’ Handcrafted in Austria from the finest raw materials, each fibre product in the range is individually hand checked for quality and durability. Santé is proudly against animal cruelty, chemical free and passionate about sustainability, caring for both your skin and the environment.

“I love that there are no chemicals used, it’s so simple, you’re literally using water, it’s so pure and clean – what could be better?” Isabel Lucas

The new Santé by Enjo range includes the following products amongst others;

Face Glove

The fibres cleanse pores, lifts dirt and makeup from your skins surface, while maintaining the harmony of your skins natural oils. Try using this glove with coconut oil, it’s a great natural alternative to your usual skincare that works perfectly with the Santé fibre for a nourishing makeup removal ritual.

Makeup Remover Set

Using just water, Santé’s super-soft fibre discs gently cleanse, lift dirt and makeup from your skins surface while maintaining the harmony of your skins natural oils. The double-sided disc protects your most delicate areas, leaving water to do what it does best, soothe and hydrate.

Exfoliator Set

The microfibre exfoliators are perfectly designed for once-a-week deep-cleansing, to buff away dry, dead cells and re-energise your skin. Being kind and chemical free, Santé’s exfoliators use water alone, hydrating as they go to leave all skin types happy, healthy, bright and glowing!

Bamboo Face Towel 

This highly absorbent luxurious face towel gently removes excess moisture from the skin after cleansing, and as it’s made using bamboo, is super soft to touch!

I think this range sounds heavenly for anyone who dreams of a simplified skincare routine, or has concerns around skin irritation or reactivity. Plus if it’s good enough for Isabel….

Have you tried any products from the Santé by Enjo range, or would you try them?


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