The Latest in Anti-Aging Beauty Treatments

Keeping myself and you – the reader – up to date on all things beauty is a passion of mine. I recently caught up with Rita Porecca, founder of Cosmedic Professionals and Managing Director of the Sydney Permanent Make-up Centre, to learn about the latest in anti ageing, which if you’re like me – you’re all about! Rita shares that two of the best ways for quickly turning back the clock on ageing skin are meso-gliding and platelet rich plasma (PRP).

These two medically endorsed beauty treatments can successfully be combined for maximum results in a matter of weeks. “For the first time we can now offer clients a powerful ‘double dose of internal and external skin repair’, using their own stem cells and amplifying the collagen production in the body, especially the face,” explains Rita.

While PRP has been used for a few years now, the clinic can now offer the highest grade of rich platelets for the best results in non-surgical procedure for facial and skin rejuvenation but PRP can also be successfully used to treat thinning hair and hair loss particularly male pattern baldness.

PRP therapy uses your own blood platelets to stimulate new cell growth, helping to improve your complexion, skin texture and to restore lost facial volume. Meso- glide is a skin needling technique, which helps to infuse active products, targeting acne or other facial scars, and tightens the skin for a more youthful appearance.


“Skin Needling techniques like meso-gliding have vastly improved with better than ever results in stimulating our clients’ natural collagen, so your skin can improve itself naturally, with hardly any down time. At Cosmedic Professionals we are able to reverse signs of aging also great for acne scarring. It also stimulates melanin to improve the look of white scarring,” said Rita.

What exactly is the PRP procedure?

In PRP, 10-30ML of your blood is taken and spun it in a centrifuge, which enables the separation of the blood cells from your plasma and platelets. This is then re-injected into the skin to stimulate collagen and new skin cells. PRP harnesses the beneficial functions of the patients own platelets and therefore there is no risk of allergy or rejection of the treatment. Your blood is then placed in a centrifuge for around 8-10 minutes. Once your cells have separated, the rich platelets are extracted and injected into the skin where rejuvenation is requested.

What should you expect after your PRP treatment?

Most people will experience some mild to moderate swelling in the area of treatment, redness or heat, which are all common side effects and are part of the activation of your platelets. Because a volume of fluid has to be administered, swelling is inevitable. Bruising can occur and may take several days to disappear.


How soon will I see results?

Most patients will require an average of three treatments at four to six week intervals. The first thing people notice is an improvement in skin turgor and elasticity. Collagen production can take up to three months to occur and the results can differ depending on the individual. Because the injected product is 100% your own, factors such as smoking, stress and illness can effect results. A series of three treatments can yield results for up to two years.

Are there any reasons why I can’t have PRP therapy?

Like the majority of cosmetic procedures, ladies who are pregnant, breast-feeding or trying to conceive are not suitable candidates. This treatment is not recommended in people on anti-coagulation treatment, autoimmune conditions, have suffered any type of cancer or who have certain implants in the treatment area.

PRP start from $650 for one area, with some clients wanting to add in their neck, décolletage or hands. Meso-gliding is priced from $200 for specific scars, a half face is $250 and $350 for a full face treatment. The Cosmedic Professionals tea, suggests at least two sessions per area, 4-6 weeks apart combined with different treatments for optimum results like IPL, skin needling or medical grade peels hence in a customised package, with loyalty discounts of up to 20 percent.

Cosmedic Professional is a holistic cosmetic clinic in Sydney’s inner west, offering a wide range of beauty treatments and cosmetic procedures under a single roof. Founded by Rita Porreca, Managing Director of the well-established Sydney Permanent Makeup Centre boasting over 30 years of industry expertise, the clinic combines Beauty Treatments, Medical Procedures and Alternative Health Therapies under one practice.

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