Meet Lila Castellanos, Owner/Esthetician of Doll Face Skincare Studio

Doll Face Skincare Studio is a boutique esthetics-based atelier in Los Angeles, launched by Lila Castellanos in 2014.

Ms. Castellanos is a Licensed Esthetician with over thirteen years of experience in the skincare industry that includes med-spa, luxury day spa, and mobile spa environments. Her treatment philosophy is focused on delivering luxurious, personalized service and pampered care to improve and maintain the health and integrity of her clients’ skin.

My mornings begin with coffee, a light breakfast, and spending some brief quality time at home with my partner and pups. Thankfully I live in close proximity to my skincare studio, which is a blessing in Los Angeles so I don’t have a long commute and depending on my schedule, I ride my bike to work whenever possible. After getting dressed and ready for work, I review my schedule and answer client emails before I head to my studio. Upon arrival, I begin my prep by lighting candles, setting my mood music, setting out all of my sterilized tools, stocking linens and products, and putting out my lemon/cucumber water and client treats. My studio is my home away from home and I want my clients to feel at home as possible, so making sure the space is client-ready is definitely part of my daily ritual.

Our treatments aren’t just surface deep. That vibrant, dewy glow you’ll leave each appointment with will be a result of skin wellness
from the inside out.

My days are quite busy with back-to-back client appointments. As every client is different and client skincare needs can change based on a variety of factors, no two days are ever the same, which is wonderful as I embrace changing things up. I’m so fortunate to have a great rapport with my clients which makes my days go by very quickly. Any non-scheduled client time is spent communicating with clients via email, placing orders with my vendors, researching products and treatments, and staying current with my industry. Ongoing education is essential in the esthetics field as new ingredients and treatment tools are constantly being introduced. I’m also very active on social media so that contributes to my day as well.

As a skincare professional, I’m constantly reviewing products and test-driving them on my own skin so I can make the best choices and recommendations to my clients. My product pantry is more like a warehouse, however that said, there are a few basics that I won’t let my skin go without.

First and foremost, as a SoCal gal, I always wear sunscreen and encourage my clients to do the same. I rely on MD Solar Sciences as it’s a mineral-based sunscreen and is packed with antioxidants (vitamin c, green tea, cranberry fruit, and pomegranate) for bonus anti-aging benefits. My clients love
the tinted mineral creme so much that it’s hard to keep in stock!

Think of Dollface as your very own beauty bartender serving up personalized service and luxurious indulgence; using only the most
up-to-date techniques, specialized products, and professional equipment to deliver results.

I also LOVE a good eye product. We all know that the delicate skin around the eyes needs extra special care to minimize fine lines, keep the area hydrated, and minimize any puffiness or dark circles. I am obsessed with Intraceuticals® Rejuvenate Eye Masks as the plant proteins and hyaluronic acid really does the job. Plus, they are so incredibly refreshing. They also make lip masks which are equally indulgent.

Exfoliators are important, as are quality serums and moisturizers that can be tailored to individual skin needs or concerns, and I do love a great mask, but another go-to product for me is Pollution Solution. With all of the environmental toxins that our skin is exposed to, it’s important that we neutralize the effects and limit the inflammatory-response that leads to aging and damage. The mist is a refreshing blend of stabilized vitamin c, lemon, white tea and malachite extracts, which smells amazing and protects skin against smog, tobacco smoke, and other airborne toxins. It’s another must-have for me and my clientele.

At the end of my work day, I have my own end-of-day routine with regards to “closing up shop” before I head home. And before bed, I always go to bed with a clean, make-up free face, something I stress to my clients.

We’ll help you meet your skin care goals to diminish sun damage, minimize scarring, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, combat environmental stress, address roblematic skin or hormonal changes, improve tone and texture, prepare you for a special event or ensure you’re “camera-ready”.

And adding to my Los Angeles must-visit checklist… Have you visited Lila at Dollface, I’d love to know!


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