Must-Have Haircare by Christophe Robin

Christophe Robin has just released a new product to his cult status volumizing range of haircare, in the Cleansing Volumising Paste. Launching back in 2013, the volumizing range with rose extracts was one of the first volumizing ranges dedicated to color treated hair. Becoming one of the staples of his brand, Christophe wanted to complete the product range with a volumizing and re-mineralizing shampoo that blends care and incredible volume. As Christophe puts it ‘a daily care ritual that promises natural volume and respects your hair’.

The unique new cleansing volumizing paste is made with pure Rassoul clay and rose extracts, that creates real volume, noticeable from the first use and effects that build up day after day. Its exclusive composition is 85% natural origin. In addition to restoring hair health, these innovative products and unique textures are also free of parabens, silicon, SLES and oxidants.

Free of any surfactant agent, the Rassoul’s cleaning process acts like blotting paper, to absorb impurities, and restore balance to the scalp while preserving the hair’s protective cuticle layer.

Rassoul is rich in trace-elements and minerals (magnesium, iron, calcium, sodium, and potassium) that are essential to the hair vitality, and has strong re-mineralizing properties. It is renowned for giving even the thinnest hair strength, resistance and volume. For the best results, begin with Cleansing Volumizing Paste with Pure Rassoul Clay and Rose Extracts, apply Voluminizing Conditioner with Rose Extracts and finish with a spritz of Instant Volumizing Mist with Rose Water. In addition to restoring hair health, these innovative products and unique textures are also free of parabens, silicon, SLES and oxidants.

To learn more about Christophe, I recently had the opportunity to speak with him via email – here is our conversation!

Hello Christophe! From beginning a hairdressing apprenticeship at the age of 14, to owning your first salon at 24 – in Paris no less! – you’ve had a hugely inspiration career. Is Paris the most beautiful place that you’ve created great hair? I would like to say that my family home in the French countryside is also the most beautiful place with Paris, as it was there that I discovered my love for colour! Every Sundays with my mom and her friends, creating new colours for their hair.

I am utterly obsessed with the rose scent of the voluminising range, did you always have the rose additions in mind for this set of products that first launched back in 2013? As rose is a natural volumiser, it was always going to be at the heart of this range. It was only when I discovered the miraculous effect of rassoul clay on creating more density for fine hair that I decided to add another product to the routine. Rassoul clay combined with rose extracts is an innovation for women who experience problems with flat hair with not enough bounce. Its amazing how many natural minerals and ingredients the Moroccan’s have been using in their beauty regimes over the years, they are only just being discovered by the rest of us!

Do you have a favourite product within your hair care ranges? The Cleansing Cream with lemon is forever one of my favourites, it is the rolls royce of products and can change hair for the better after just one use. I developed it in 1999 with the moisturising oil with lavender to repair and protect the coloured, stressed hair of all the actresses and super models that I worked with, and it is still as effective and important as it was then.

Do you have a favourite moment or achievement during your career? My new salon and boutique in Rue Bachaumont is the feather in my hat, I am proud of what we’ve created. It is a unique space and concept, and I am in love with the area and the history that surrounds it.

Christophe, what is the hottest trend in hair right now, and what will we begin to see more of come 2018? For me, trends are always led by colour! Reds are my personal favourites and they are enjoying a moment in the sun. Strawberry blonde similar to Jessica Chastain at the Met Gala is very on trend right now. It is so sensual, and warming. It lights up the eyes and warms up pale skin before summer.

Low maintenance is more and more a demand of women these days. Balayage is the best technique to achieve this, the modern way is to hand paint little touches of light to create natural contrast. It always looks chic, laid back and contemporary. With my shade variation care in golden blonde, it helps to achieve an incredible lasting shine that keeps colour looking fresh and ahead of the curve.

Christophe’s Cleansing Volumising Paste is now available online via Sephora, Adorebeauty, QueColour and select salons. For the most luscious smelling of your life, this is it.


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