Review | Goldwell Dual Senses Shampoo & Conditioner

Ever use a product that you think you’ll never live without, and then find yourself reminded of it five years later and think ‘why did I ever stop using this?’. Yep this was me, with Goldwell Dual Senses Rich Repair shampoo and conditioner. I remember using this years ago after it was recommend by a hairdresser at the time, I think I was gradually going lighter after many many a black box dye, and I thoroughly enjoyed both products.

My hair was so dry after multiple rounds of bleach and these two little guys instantly smoothed my stressed locks, and give me that smooshy feeling when I massage it into my hair. You know that feeling that just makes you swoon and want to touch your hair all day afterwards? Yah that one. So anyway, I ended up chopping and changing shampoo and conditioner over the years until I again recently picked up this duo set at my local salon. Seriously, as soon as I opened the nozzle, I remembered that sweet familiar scent of the products and was instantly taken back to a previous time in my life. From that day a few months back, I’ve had these guys in my shower ever since.

Dual Senses claim to restore even the most severely damaged of hair structures from deep inside, which is why it was recommend some years back by that smart hairdresser, and I gotta say, it does what they say it will. As Goldwell put it, it’s as gentle as water, and I’ve read that lost lipids (from chemical treatments) in the hair are replaced with this duo effectively and deeply for intensive regeneration of the inner hair structure. These lipids also repair the hair surface layer too! The shampoo and conditioner are both cream formulas, which feel thicker and more expensive to be honest, and since I recently lightened my hair up again, I’m falling in love all over again.

Also worth noting is the unique FadeStopFormula minimizes color fading with every use. I can’t say I’ve noticed any less colour fading, as my grey roots show through before this can even happen, but I do know that my ends remain correctly toned between each appointment and never require additional DIY toning. My hair is so soft to touch using these products and give great shine, I wear my hair down more than ever when I use these two. To me, that’s proof they’re great.

Goldwell products are available in-salon and at home, and I strongly recommend you try these if you are suffering from dry and damaged hair, or simply just have chronically colour-treated hair.


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