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Black on black clothing is the epitome of style. But if you have a pretty little sprinkle of dandruff on your shoulders, not so much…


When I was invited to trial Head & Shoulders Clean & Balanced 3ActionFormula Shampoo and Conditioner recently, I was super interested as I suffer from a bout of dandruff from time to time each year – #truestory – which I put down to the daily washing of my hair which in turn, leads to a dry itchy scalp. But even though I’ve tried to extend the days between washing numerous times, I cannot ignore the fact I just don’t feel clean after a shower unless I’ve washed my hair. Such is life hey?

I remember using Heads & Shoulders back when I was younger as it was all my parents would recommend it for my dandruff, even though my dad though it was “a little expensive for shampoo!” – my mum hooked me up. Thank goodness I can happily buy my own shampoo now, my dad might actually have a heart attack if he knew the prices of some products I’ve bought over the years….

This is a rave review really, because as a daily hair washer, not all products that are labelled ‘safe to use daily’ are actually good for such frequent washing – anyone remember the 2in1’s? Both the shampoo and conditioner are lovely and creamy, without the feeling of weight and oil dripping down my hair, and is a really great pre-blowdry option. I have used H&S on and off over the years and I was excited to see that the yucky ‘off’ smell was still not present whatsoever in either products which isn’t the case with some anti-dandruff prods – you know that scent I’m talking about! I’m very happy to report that my hair smells just as yummy as the high end products do and I’ve found a little actually goes a long way, and I’m a chronic overuser of hair care products – well expect oils, I’ve learnt my lesson there. The shampoo lathers and foams up nice and good, without the feeling of being stripped of any oils, and the conditioner has that real smooshy feeling that leaves my detangling comb gliding through my hair.

No sly itching of the head within the last week so that’s another plus, along with no flakes within my hairbrush – told you it’s a rave!

The packaging works too, both products sit comfortably upright in my shower holder and the SHAMPOO and CONDITIONER text is easy to read on the labels. The price is right too, with the shampoo retailing at $12.49AUD for the huge 400ml products.

Have you used Heads and Shoulders before, is it your go to for eliminating dandruff?

HOT TIP : Realised your hair is full of oil/grease/dirt/the smell of last night’s pub crawl but completely out of your usual clarifying shampoo? Anti-dandruff shampoos are the bomb substitute for deep cleansing shampoos, it’s tried and tested at Why Hello Beauty HQ – pass this important information on to your bestie, it’s a hack everyone needs to know!



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