The Right Way to Blow Dry Your Bangs

A cowlick should not discourage you from learning to appreciate bangs, especially with bangs becoming such a huge trend over the past year. Whether you are trying out bangs for the first time or have faithfully sported yours for years, cowlick is just one of the realities you have to deal with. One of the most important skills that you will be able to learn with your bangs is in terms of blow drying it. If you know the right tricks, it is easier to style to suit your hairstyle so you won’t ever have to suffer from bad-bang hair day again (if there is such a thing!).


Follow these tips to tame your cowlick with the use of your blow dryer.

  1. Timing is crucial. You should gently dry your hair and bangs post-shower but do not wait too long. If you wait for the bangs to air dry, it also gives it time to set. Once your bangs have set, it will no longer conform to the style that you wish to create no matter how much you blow dry it.
  2. Positioning is key. Locate where the cowlick starts and then place the thumb of your hand that you are using to hold the brush underneath the specific section you intend to blow dry. At this point, you must place the brush above the thumb such that the bangs are squeezed in between them.
  3. As you are directing the heat from the blow dryer down the hair shaft, pull your bangs towards the right and then to the left. From there, pull it straight down. You have to maintain the tension on the pull of your bangs as you go. Do this until your bangs are completely dry. It is a simple technique yet does a lot of difference in giving your body and style to your bangs.

If you want to further enhance the blow drying process on your bangs, keep these in mind:

  • If you want a smooth finish to your bangs when you blow dry it, use a nozzle attachment. This attachment will help direct the airflow so you can maximise the heat coming out of the dryer.
  • Brush your bangs in a criss-cross motion while you blow dry it per section. This is a highly effective technique to fight cowlick.

What other techniques do you use to get more shape into your bangs with a blow dryer?

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