A Totally Natural, Luxury Vegan & Cruelty Free Hair Care Range

Australian made hair care range Reverly Hair Co has recently joined me in the shower and I couldn’t be happier. With their shampoo and conditioner completely free of SLS, SLES, parabens, silicones, PEGS, pthalates, gluten, artificial colours and fragrances, harsh detergents, mineral or palm oils, animal derivatives and never tested on our furry friends, it’s a hair-match made in heaven!

Revelry Hair Co was created by Wendy Esplin & Cathryn McCann, two entrepreneurial friends with a passion for health, wellness and high performance natural products. Together they had over 30 years experience in the hair & beauty industry but were never able to find a hair care range that was clean, green & active enough to rival chemical loaded products – so they set out on a mission to create their own. With years of research, testing and sourcing the most innovative natural ingredients, they finally came up with a formula that not only met their strict criteria but was completely different to anything else they’d ever used before. 

A totally new concept; a hair care range that cleans & repairs the hair so well that it remains fresh & healthy at the roots and glossy and frizz-free at the ends for days not just hours.

I was fortunate enough to have trialled the Repair Therapy Trio over the last few weeks, and because I’m a naughty daily-hair-washer, I’ve already noticed a significant decrease in the oiliness on my scalp – which is part and parcel really of washing hair so often. I feel that if you suffer from a sensitive / extra oily scalp, this would be simply perfect. As I have quite dark hair, I do often have a nice shine to my hair but I’ve noticed a softer feel to my hair, even with my balayage-d midlengths and ends, which I’ve read is Sunflower Seed Oil & Jojoba Extract strengthening and protecting my hair from future stress. The products have a natural citrus fragrance to up lift and energise, which is very subtle and pleasant – especially first thing in the early mornings. What intrigues me more though, other than everything else I’ve mentioned is, the Repair Elixir serum. This all natural pre-shampoo intensive hair mask is quite literally skincare for your hair, with a luxury blend of organic avocado, argan, desert lime, jojoba, rosehip & macadamia, corrects the scalps natural oils & deeply nourishes the hair from within.

Using this slightly runny oil of an evening from root to tip, before shampooing the next morning, I gotta say – it simply compliments the results from the shower. I’ve noticed that of late, pre-shampoo or scalp treatments are becoming more and more popular, and I get it. Treating the scalp just makes sense, as the hair strands are getting the best possible TLC to grow long and strong – right?

So to sum up the review, if you want super glossy hair, that lasts longer between shampoos, with products that actually feel good for your hair – I suggest you take a chance on Revelry Hair Co and give it a try.

Yours in great hair,

*Sponsored: While I have received payment for this blog review, all thoughts and opinions are 100% mine and a true & accurate reflection.

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