Want California Cool Girl Hair?

If you want to achieve that effortless California cool girl hair, I’d like to introduce you to Playa. Playa, the newly launched haircare brand out of Venice Beach, created by the stunning Shelby Wild, who thoughtfully combined natural oils and botanicals with hand-selected clinically active ingredients for that gorgeous touselled bed-head hair we all covet.

After living in New York City for years, Shelby’s bathroom cabinet was an overflowing graveyard of half used products as she “had like, six sea salt sprays and none of them worked perfectly. I wanted to minimize and de-clutter.” Upon moving to Venice Beach, Shelby began creating her dream products, formulating each product to be different from anything else on the market so we, the customers, get radical results with fewer products. Former fashion stylist Shelby says, “I wanted them to be infused with the laid-back California spirit I love so much.  I wanted them to be effortless and healthy, but I also wanted them to actually work”.

Natural hair texture is enhanced, roots are stimulated for growth, and youthful luster is restored.

Playa do not use SLS, parabens, phthalates, or dyes in any of the products. Cruelty free and not tested on animals, no animal derived ingredients are used either!

From start to finish, Playa has your hair covered with:

  • Every Day Shampoo – An SLS-free, every day shampoo that’s anything but ordinary. This coconut-derived, every day clarifying shampoo gently foams to remove impurities while preserving your hair’s natural oils. Coconut water weightlessly hydrates; sugar beet extract stimulates roots to promote volume and growth. 
  • Supernatural Conditioner – This intelligent deep conditioner self-adjusts for all hair types: the more damaged your hair is, the harder it works to condition and repair. Baobab protein rebuilds strands for renewed youth; Brassica and copaiba oils smooth frizz and impart sublime shine. Post shower, you can supercharge the reparative properties by applying heat (sunshine or a blowdryer).
  • Pure Dry Shampoo – This rare blend of botanicals and minerals refreshes and revitalizes hair instantly—no shower required. Rose powder invisibly absorbs excess oil at the roots while keeping hair soft; star anise extract treats scalp and eliminates impurities. Use on clean roots as the final step for extra volume, or to refresh dirty strands.
  • Endless Summer Spray – Made with sea salt harvested in Southern California, this formula gives you the perfectly tousled hair texture you usually only get after a day at the beach or out on a board. Our proprietary Marine Collagen Complex nourishes strands to add fullness and shine; natural UV filters shield hair and scalp from harmful rays. Spray all over damp or dry hair after using Ritual Oil.
  • Ritual Hair Oil – This weightless blend of natural oils penetrates deeply to radically transform your hair without the use of harmful silicones. Apricot, kukui, and our proprietary derived coconut oil blend restores moisture to soften strands; sunflower oil tames frizz and makes hair shine. Apply liberally before surfing or swimming to protect hair from damage caused by salt and chlorine.
  • Hair Essentials Set – Playa’s five products work in harmony, so they’re all you need for beautiful, healthy, beachy hair. This sweet box is packed with a full-size bottle of each, making it even easier to have laid-back, effortless style.

Styling tips for tousled texture: Apply Ritual Oil from mid length to ends of dry hair and follow by spraying Pure Dry Shampoo on top.

For beachy volume: Spray Endless Summer Spray on roots and rough dry with a blow dryer.

So far I’ve trialled the Endless Summer Spray, Pure Dry Shampoo and Ritual Hair Oil – with extremely good results. Each product smells slightly different, however the scent is overwhelmingly just Summer; think beach, cocktails at dusk and endless days of sun – literally. If you have the chance, please take a sniff or two – simply <3

Playa is sold exclusively at Violet Grey or at, and for the ultimate inspiration I’ll leave you with this quote from Shelby, “We love calling Venice Beach home, and our eclectic community continually inspires our products. While we spend most of our time working on Playa, living a balanced life is important to us. We don’t have an office, ride our bikes instead of drive, and get out to the water and surf every day we have waves”. Sounds blissful. 


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