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Hello, it’s Rosie again!

As John Snow would say “Winter is coming!”. And what’s better to do than embracing the cooler months by heating things up with a new hair colour? Here are my tips for changing it up this chilly winter!

For those girls that are quite blonde already, I would recommend to only have a small change by adding some natural lowlights in caramel, copper, beige or ash tones. These colours will help blend your natural root colour in a little more, giving you a lovely contrast in your light blonde colour.

For those that are closer to a darker blonde, there is the option of the stunning blended balayage. This colour is great for people that prefer lower maintenance colours, as it’s very versatile with options varying from quite a dark root colour to very light on the ends (1) or the roots being close to your natural colour with only a honey or caramel blonde on the ends (2) or even using your natural base as the root colour with highlights on the ends (3).

For those that want an extreme change (given you have consulted with your professional senior hair stylist) can try out a dark all over colour. This colour should only be chosen by a professional for your skin tone to look as natural as possible and not going any further than two shades darker than your own natural root colour. *By not going any further than two shades also helps it to stay lower maintenance as your regrowth won’t be as obvious. If you want to go darker than that keep in mind you will get a more obvious lighter regrowth and will be higher maintenance. The darker you go you may need to make a few appointments closer together as it may take a little bit for your colour to adhere to your hair the first few goes depending on how healthy your hair is. Also if you are the type of person that likes to change a lot, I would recommend only having a semi colour as it is easier to lift out when you want to go back lighter. When my clients go dark I recommend our NAK Colour Masque Conditioners, these boost colour intensity (for bright red and purples), promote vibrancy and give a gorgeous shine. They also prevent against colour fading and will maintain your colour in between services. They do act as a mask so use only as needed, say once a week or fortnight.

All these variations shown are lovely colours and changes for winter but please don’t attempt these colours at home, they need the love and care of a professional like myself 🙂

Go on, take the plunge and speak to your hairdresser about a new hair colour for winter. Please feel free to add my salons Facebook page Hair on the Boulevard and our Instagram @hairontheboulevard or my personal hairdressing page @rv_hairdressing for ideas as well. Why not even try a new cut or style while you are there?

Rosie VTake care, Rosie xxx

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  • Hair Care

    Love your blog, informative and it really helpful. Thanks for the suggestion, and I will talk to my stylist which colour best fit me. Keep posting.

    21 June 2016 at 2:58 AM Reply
    • Emily

      Thanks for your comment and kind words! Happy hair days 🙂

      21 June 2016 at 3:54 AM Reply

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