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Meet Parisa of Teal & Tala

Meet Parisa Arean, owner of absolutely stunning online fashion label Teal & Tala, who has sweetly taken  a few minutes to chat with Why Hello Beauty!


Hi Parisa, what is your background? I come from a strong retail background where I worked in management roles. I started in retail when I was about 15 years old.

How did Teal & Tala come about? Teal and Tala was something I always knew deep down I wanted to do. It wasn’t until May 2012 that I decided to take the leap and launch a store where I sold handmade one of a kind shorts. About 2 months into it, I started to introduce stock labels in the mix. When that took off, I took another leap and launched my own exclusive label Teal and Tala which has been an amazing journey.

How has social media boosted your public profile / presence? It has boosted my profile considerably. I’ve found so many people through social media that have changed my business – whether it be models, photographer, textile designers. It has been so beneficial in that aspect and as well as being an outlet where I can really share my story with my customers.

What has been your / Teal &Tala’s greatest achievement? Teal and Tala the label is definitely one of my greatest achievements within the business. There was such a teething process and so much involved with launching an exclusive label. Not just financially, but emotionally. Overcoming the fear of how your designs will be received is to date one of my most favourite things. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing people wear a concept you created and that your proud of.


Who is your idol / role model? I look up to so many designers, but in particular Sass and Bide is always one that I love to think about. It amazes me that these girls had the endurance to continue on with their designs even through times when they were not being appreciated. It takes a certain person to be able to stay motivated when times are tough, and I think these girls really showed us that there is always something great around the corner.

~ Quick questions ~

Tea or coffee? I love both but must admit, if push came to shove I would be choosing my iced latte over tea. Especially in the Queensland climate!

Heels or flats? Flats, flats, flats. I really am not that great at walking in heels!

Lipstick or mascara? I couldn’t live without mascara so I definitely have to rule out lipstick on this one (even though I love both!)

Today Show or Sunrise? I’m a die hard loyal Sunrise girl.

What a beauty. Thank you for taking a little time out of your day to speak with me Parisa, it truly means the world. The T&T label creates some fabulous fashion, check out for more images.

Enjoy your weekend lovelies!


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